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Last Updated: 31 Aug, 2016

imagesIn the world of Live journal themes, there are a a lot of extra choices. I am a big, Huge fan of Standard theme, when Iheard the Standard theme 2 update ended up being available, I had in order to dig in to see the changes. Suffice it to

say, I am unbelievably impressed.

Things on the Standard Theme the front have been relatively peaceful as of late. Engaging using the ever-growing community and working to formulate our monthly custom remaking have been more than encouraged time bandits, but it’s in addition hard to talk an excessive amount of about your central software project while it’s under heavy improvement.

For the past couple of months, we have recently been heads down, palms designing, and hands coding the next variation of Standard.

We together have tried to become transparent about the processes and products maintaining true consistent with that belief, let’s take a look at what’s coming down the particular pipeline for the next technology of Standard Theme.

A Better Appear & Feel

 One of the things we attempted to achieve using the first version of normal was an government panel that managed to get easy for anyone to choices aspects of their site.

In most cases, I think we were productive. As we pushed the bug fixes and also new features, it grew to be clear that there was clearly room for development, so we required advantage of that chance and have literally reconstructed the entire administration method.

Standard theme A Better Appear & Feel

Aside from a total visible overhaul, the supervision functionality is much more structured- it’s more usable, it’s more quickly, and it even helps a few new features (that will you will see soon enough).

Style Without Coding

In the first place, we attempted to make certain that Standard was developer-friendly and also designer-friendly. We bundled any stylesheet with the theme that permits you to make any kind of customizations you want and bring it with whenever the theme will be updated.

Of course, not many are comfortable with CSS or possibly would prefer to adjust the location of some other elements of the particular page. Standard A couple of is going to make it less difficult to make UI custom remaking without having to write one particular line of code.

Standard theme Style Without Coding

This consists of native WordPress 3.0 functionality together with some brand new capabilities we are building out.

Regular Functionality For All

Ultimately, we have noticed a few demands on how we have achieved particular pieces of functionality over the 8BIT properties. Sure, you can talk about certain things throughout blog posts or podcasts, in case there’s a felt dependence on something then we’d wish to provide.

Standard theme  widgets

So we have developed some of our own features that we are going to be producing available and agreeable for any WordPress design. Of course, this will be obtainable out-of-the-box with Standard Theme 2.

Although Standard Theme is primary product and all of our own properties are jogging on the codebase, we have consistently been recently about community because the initial beta from the theme. To that stage, we have attempted to take the most favored feature requests and also build them into make sure we are creating probably the most solid product that we could.

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